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Did you know that research has shown that resource sponsorship enhances customer loyalty, brand recognition and reputation?

As seen on BBC North West and Hits Radio Manchester, The Prevention Foundation gives businesses the chance to support vital safety resources such as booklets and online applications through sponsorship to help fulfil social responsibility roles.

Our support also sign posts organisations such as: Childline, NSPCC and Action for Children if further help and information is needed on topics or situations.

The Prevention Foundation also offers education centres the chance to have a bespoke custom discussion from the team and our ambassadors including local community leaders, influences within the community and sporting celebrities including Olympic athletes.

The Prevention Foundation CIC is a leading national resource dedicated to arming youngsters with the information they need to live happy, healthy and successful lives.

Created in 2016, the foundations members work within communities distributing a wealth of safety information on topics affecting disadvantaged areas of the UK including knife crime, bullying and drugs and alcohol.

Our aim is to reduce potential harm to young and vulnerable members of society. Our range of awareness projects support school personnel, Social and Health Education (PSHE) lessons, partnerships with local authorities and national awareness campaigns, all in a bid to boost the self-esteem and emotional wellbeing of the young.

The Prevention Foundation are proud to be associated with the Princes’s Trust.

The Prince’s Trust is a charity in the United Kingdom founded in 1976 by Charles, Prince of Wales to help vulnerable young people get their lives on track. It supports 11 to 30-year-olds who are unemployed and those struggling at school and at risk of exclusion.  More information about the Princes Trust can be found here

The work done by the Princes Trust goes to the heart of what the Prevention Foundation represents, and the partnership is an honour for us.




Professional athlete and boxer, Stuart Maddox on the BBC North West Tonight programme discussing the issue of knife crime and how Prevention Foundation works to tackle knives on the street


YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular online platforms among teens.

Fully 95% of teens have access to a smartphone, and 45% say they are online ‘almost constantly’

The shift in teens’ social media use is just one example of how the technology landscape for young people has evolved since last survey’s of teens and technology use in 2014-2015.

Most notably, smartphone ownership has become a nearly ubiquitous element of teen life: 95% of teens now report they have a smartphone or access to one.

These mobile connections are in turn fueling more-persistent online activities: 45% of teens now say they are online on a near-constant basis.

We work to identify new trends in online activity, and build campaigns to reach troubled children in a method that engages with them.



Our fundraising work is carefully focused on ensuring that not only do the children in the communities benefit from the money raised, but the companies who support our effort gain the recognition for their contributions to their local community.

With your support, we can get the right people in place to support our children.

The team and our children in support thank all our donors for keeping the promise alive to leave no child behind. 

The efforts of our donor’s go towards the creation of custom safety booklets which are sent to schools. 

It also goes towards keeping our direct to help child safety app and resource centre, ensuring we reach as many people who require the information and support it offers.

Our video promotions help us fund the creation of new content, and are a great gift that rewards the donors for their loyal support.  More information can be found here.

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